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CROM 3 (cervical range of motion)
CROM3- Measurement of cervical spine mobility

Acumar Anglefinder Inclinometer
Inclinometer from Acumar

Baseline® AcuAngle® Plus Inclinometer
Inclinometer (plurimeter) with support adapter

squeeze hand dynamometer maximum measuring strength 70 kg, 155 lb.
measuring grip strength indicating maximum grip strength, suitable for adults, maximum measuring strength 70 kg / 155 lbs.

Wartenberg Pinwheel
Test for nerv damage or nerv disfunction.

Goniometer 15cm economy version, School Set 20 pcs.
Basic low-cost goniometer 15 cm, particularly suitable for pupils

Measurement Device for measuring the position of the pelvis, pelvis-hight and pelvis-rotation.

This hydraulic hand dynamometer gives accurate grip strength readings, 90 kg, 200lb

Goniometer St.Steel (14'') 36cm 360 degrees
Extra-long arms for measuring all bigjoints.
Non-locking friction arm.

Hydraulic Pinch Gauge
measures finger strength.

Touch-Test 2-point-discriminator
adjustable 2-Point discrimination

Measuring Tape 2,50m, 15mm wide
KaWe High-Quality-Measuring-Tape

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